back to article India's tech manufacturing push to ride on the Ganges

The Indian government's stream of announcements can be fascinating to read: one day there's a plan like the Make In India scheme to turn the country into a high-tech manufacturing powerhouse, the next there's something about helping craft weavers in remote villages. Today, the nation has announced something that blends the two …

  1. x 7 Silver badge

    "to turn the company into a high-tech manufacturing powerhouse," ??????????

    " that emphasised tail and road construction. "???????????

    India is a company? What is tail construction?

    Come on chaps, with typos like that you're killing your credibility. Shoot the proofreader - or subeditor. Or don't you have one nowadays?

    1. frank ly Silver badge

      We ARE the crowdsourced proofreadardiat. It's good to feel part of a team doing useful work.

  2. Palpy

    Ah, Mr. Newby...

    "Slowly Down the Ganges." Wonderful scene of Eric and his companions chucking stones out of the river shallows so they could drag their borrowed steel canal boat from one pool to the next.

    Not what is meant by "plans to build 2,000 new water ports" but, well, anyway.

    /old-fuddy digression

  3. It wasnt me

    According to a documentary...

    ....I saw last week, the entire capacity of India's waterways is already taken up floating the bowel movements of the best part of a billion people down to the sea. They need to do some serious cleaning up if the want to use the waterways for anything else.

  4. x 7 Silver badge

    surely there must be a way of harvesting all that shit so it powers the boats? There must be a way of capturing the crap, fermenting it and reaping the resultant methane. With a billion people, India has a national natural resource, a natural renewable resource that could be a significant factor in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. At present all that shit decomposes, producing methane and sulphides, but if you burnt it to generate power you'd get rid of the methane. OK you'd produce CO2, but that would simply replace the gas produced by burning fossil fuels - and India's remaining forests.

    India has a valuable resource pile of shit that is going to waste. Indeed, properly harvested and used, India's future economic development could be based on crap.

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