back to article New Xen maintenance release ends active version 4.4 development

Can it really be time to update Xen again? Yes it can, because the Xen Project has announced a new maintenance release, version 4.4.4, that ticks off a list of 70 fixes and improvements, plus another five qemu quirks. Xen's had a rough time of it lately, with several severe bugs demanding attention. A few security-related …

  1. fnj

    Xen's day is past

    They are still fussing around with Xen? Everybody I know couldn't move to KVM fast enough as soon as it became solid, seems like a lifetime ago now.

    Xen badly mishandled selling itself to get linux to build in DOM0 support, and it's much too late to change the momentum now. I still remember the bad old days of RHEL5, pre-KVM, with the horrible headache of a completely separate, specialized kernel implementing DOM0 support.

    1. BinkyTheMagicPaperclip Silver badge

      Re: Xen's day is past

      Can't say I agree - I much prefer Xen's architecture to the cobbled together nature of KVM, although it's better at hardware passthrough than Xen. Also, they've been targeting ARM longer than KVM if I remember correctly (I've not used any ARM based virtualisation personally)

      I've never really had a problem with creating a Dom0 capable kernel - I've had much greater problems taking the latest kernel source and expecting it to 'just work' on a given Linux distribution, without explicitly using the config from the current running kernel, and then modifying that.

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