back to article Ansible dumps Van Halen product names for Led Zeppelin references

Ansible has released version 2.0 of its eponymous automation platform, marking what it claims is its “most ambitious” release to date by switching its code name conventions from Van Halen songs to Led Zeppelin tracks. Thus the new release is dubbed “Over the Hills and Far Away”. Which at least is less ominous perhaps than …

  1. captain veg

    New features include “Task Blocks”

    For a moment I read that as "Talk Bollocks".

    What's Ansible?


    1. Midnight

      Re: New features include “Task Blocks”

      "What's Ansible?"

      It's like a lesbian, only a little mixed up.

  2. Voland's right hand Silver badge

    Well,"The Immigrant Song" looks most appropriate

    In the Shrek 3 rendition.

  3. Mike 16 Silver badge

    Surely many commentards recall

    MSFT using "Start Me Up" for the Win95 rollout, either not knowing or not caring about the line "You make a grown man cry".

    Or the "Where do you want to go today" ad where the choir is singing (in Latin) about those doomed to hell.

    1. Evil Graham

      Re: Surely many commentards recall

      ...not knowing or not caring about the line "You make a grown man cry".

      Not to mention "you make a dead man come". Hardly corporate anthem material.

  4. Stevie Silver badge


    I believe that OTHAFA is,in fact, a Sean Bean reference.

  5. TeeCee Gold badge

    "....codebase which had been prone to having features bolted on without a clear cut architectural vision.”

    Most places that's called "software development"......

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