Volunteers wanted to help manage web site

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  1. Robert E A Harvey

    Volunteers wanted to help manage web site

    The Geograph project at www.geograph.org.uk has been going for ten years, collecting photographs of the UK & Ireland laid out on the National Grid mapping system. There are currently 4.7 million photos. The project is regularly backed up by the British Library's Web Archive, so those pictures are saved for posterity. The original idea was to collect photographs representative of each 1Km square, an objective still incomplete. But it has also developed something of a social history flavour too, and is committed to recording change as much as a single snapshot.

    Since we started compettion has arisne from Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram, among others, but Geograph is still unique in being moderated (very lightly - only to avoid obvious errors), geolocated, and searchable using a range of metadata (some provided by the photographer, some automatically). The site has a number of user forums, blogging tools, and other attractions.

    It is an entirely volunteer run project, and the principle volunteer, one Barry Hunter, does a wonderful job. But he needs help. More volunteers and newer skills are needed to take the project forward. As well as running the existing web site, we are looking for people who can modernise it, and perhaps produce apps for posting direct from mobile devices.

    See http://www.geograph.org.uk/blog/?tag=job%20posting for details

    Everyone welcome as Photographers, contributors, and volunteers.

  2. Robert E A Harvey

    Re: NOT Volunteers wanted to help manage web site

    Got told off by Geograph Towers for posting this. They are looking for paid part time sysadmin(s)

    First plan: document the existing system

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  4. jake Silver badge

    "First plan: document the existing system"

    Documenting cluster-fucks is a fool's errand.

    Documentation is pretty much mandatory right from the git-go.

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