back to article Jez Humble to deliver keynote at Continuous Lifecycle London

If you want to hear a bona fide DevOps view from the top you’ll be be as pleased as we are that Jez Humble will be taking to the stage to deliver a keynote speech at the Continuous Lifecycle London conference next May. Jez, together with editorial board member Dave Farley, literally wrote the book on DevOps. In fact he’s …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Another junket

    that so sane manager would approve. WTF is DevOps then? What was it called a few years ago before some buzzword was dreamed up?

    Jez? I thought you meant Jezza Clarkson. Otherwise, Jez who?

    Oh! He's got a book to push. Well I never. Who'd a thought it.

    Just another snake oil salesman then?

    1. jake Silver badge

      Re: Another junket


      "Agile", "Cloud", and "DevOps" are all terms designed by middle-management to separate management from internal funding, without actually doing anything useful to the bottom-line.

      Snake oil, by any other name, is still snake oil.

    2. Rusty 1

      Re: Another junket


      For some bizarre reason it has always surprised my Java dev companions that I can run make on any of my current C++ projects, and have a new version of the software running on multiple remote servers within a few seconds. No "snapshots", no maven, no infrastructure other that cvs/svn/git. With master/slave (blue/green, it's all broadly the same thing (except for efficiency of the usage of the target resources), and NOT A FUCKING "dev ops" invention - it has been around a good few decades)

      And if, or when, there is a problem, it is the work of moments to track down the build version(s) that caused it. Rollback is just as quick as the rollout. No dramas, not need for anyone to get exicted.

      No appdynamics or other crap in the pipeline. Just technical skills.

      Ah, and as I wrote that last three word sentence I understood the issue. Let's spunk our money and time on tools rather that skills. Yes, let's do that. And we had better attend all of the dev-no-ops sessions this year lest someone discover that the skills we need were in fact honed back in the '60s and '70s.

      1. Doctor_Wibble

        Re: Another junket

        > lest someone discover that the skills we need were in fact honed back in the '60s and '70s.

        On the one hand this is true but on the other, those same skills as they might appear now are in many instances subtly undermined by dependency on cumbersome libraries of what are little more than macros - partly to 'protect' people from having to comprehend what they are actually doing and partly because people somehow have lost the ability to use more than one manual at a time.

        Though in spite of that I should confess to more often than not using Xt functions rather than Xlib but only because they are handy and still 'low' enough to let me compile it as a clean static-linked binary (which can then run on a box with no extra libraries on it).

        Digressional waffle, yeah whatever... gimp mask because it's all just another kind of willing submission.

  2. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    "WTF is DevOps then? What was it called a few years ago before some buzzword was dreamed up?"

    Not sure but it sounds like what we used to do 20-30 years ago. We had a nice Unix box with a nice RDBMS engine running on it. We talked to users. We wrote programs based on what the users needed, installed them on the box and were out own DBAs & Unix sysadmins. We didn't call it anything beyond doing IT.

    I suspect DevOps is much the same except with a lot more ceremony and "Agile" stamped all over it. And lots of consultants.

    If you want to introduce cycles into it repeat after me:"Development is the process of introducing software into the maintenance cycle".

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So is this whole conference about different ways of running a compiler in a loop?

    I'd expect the talks to get a bit samey after the first minute or so.

    Still if you can get Colin Arrogant and Keith Sarcastic to speak after Jez Humble, count me in.

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