back to article CFEngine goes from beta to full product in just a month

CFEngine has wrapped up testing on its release of version 3.8.0 and pushed it out over the weekend, less than a month after releasing the beta. The config management developer said the latest version included “numerous new features for the policy language", highlighting http support with the url_get() function, body …

  1. Havin_it

    OK, but...

    What _is_ it exactly?

    1. No such thing as an Anonymous Coward

      Re: OK, but...

      If you use Puppet/Chef, CFEngine came before them. Isn't bloated. It just has a bigger learning curve.

      1. Nate Amsden Silver badge

        Re: OK, but...

        i haven't used cfengine since v2 (used it for a good 7 years, really liked it). I would go back to cfengine v2 in a heartbeat over chef though(been using chef for 5 years, fortunately I'm not the sole person responsible for it - too much work to switch to something else at this point). Chef is a powerful tool but way too complicated for 99% of environments out there. I could teach someone the ins and outs of cfengine v2 in a day pretty easily, with chef, no chance in hell, in 5 years I still get burned on a semi regular basis.

        But cfengine v3 could of gone downhill too I don't know.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: OK, but...

          CFEngine v3 is quite a bit more complicated than v2, but still less so than Chef or Puppet. Ansible is worth a look if simplicity is important to you; YAML and the CFEngine 2 config files are not too dissimilar.

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