back to article Continuous Lifecycle call for papers: It’s the final countdown

You’ve got four days left to make your bid for stage space at next May’s Continuous Lifecycle London conference, hosted by The Register and Heise. Whether you want to present a one-hour talk, or a full-day, deep dive workshop on devops, agile development, continuous lifecycle, QA, or testing, you have until end of play 1 …

  1. Your alien overlord - fear me

    How many of the talks are on soft skills* ?

    How to sell ideas/methodology etc. to upper management/bean counters?

    How to sell your products to paying punters/marketting etc. for independent developers?

    All these are as important as developing actual systems.

    * Soft skills are p2p (people to people) requirements. As we all know hard skills are what we do and Joe Public doesn't (understand).

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