back to article Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Azure sitting in a tree, p-a-r-t-n-e-r-i-n-g

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is buddying up to Microsoft on public cloud, chief executive Meg Whitman has confirmed. On a conference call with financial analysts, the exec said Microsoft Azure will become the "preferred public cloud partner" and in turn HPE will be the primary supplier of infrastructure and services for Redmond' …

Not shocking

HP threw in the towel on their own cloud a while back, and Microsoft's a logical partner. VMWare's cloudy stuff is too wrapped up with VCE business-wise, and AWS or OpenStack-based clouds aren't "enterprisey."

The Azure perspective on cloud is pretty different from Amazon's, for example. Amazon does let you run virtual machines running your own applications as they were, but is heavily biased toward non-legacy, web-only stuff. Microsoft is taking a different approach in my estimation -- they make all sorts of cool new things available, but seem much more receptive to "hey, come run your crusty old apps the same way you used to while we work to cloudify you." A lot of HP's customers are probably firmly in the crusty old apps camp, and probably want to keep most things in house. After all, why would they be buying name-brand server hardware and storage otherwise?


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