back to article South Australia: Great for wine, murder, insecure, outdated over budget government IT

The Audit Office in the Australian State of South Australia has run the rule over the region's IT and graded it as “4/10, must try harder”. The state's management of more than a billion dollars worth of technology is not much better than a shambles, according to the office's Information and communications technology report ( …

  1. dan1980

    Well now I know that the Reg's southern bureau is losing the plot. To have Richard report that an Australian government IT project was poorly planned, poorly implemented, is going over budget and doesn't do what it's supposed to, well, I just can't believe that . . .


    Does anyone involved in these projects have the first idea how to run them? Budget overruns happen - not just to government projects - and that's something you should, well, budget for. Or at least be prepared for. What's not really acceptable is ending up with a system that doesn't address the real requirements and needs because accurately identifying what a system must do is fundamental to designing it in the first place.

    It's a roll-a-six-to-start.

    I am reminded of a review document dissecting what went wrong with an asset management system the NT government deployed. In it, people admitted that they simply hadn't made any real attempt to understand the the processes and procedures currently in place and how the new system would need to be designed to address that or, on the other side, how the procedures and processes might need to change to fit the new system.

    Further, there was core functionality that didn't exist because no one had taken the time to learn and understand what the current system did.

    That's the part that baffles me because I don't understand how a project can even get off the ground without those involved first forming an accurate understanding of what the project needs to achieve.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Someone should write SA Health an interoperability paper

    Oh wait someone did. Me. In 2009. Perhaps if people had read it and done something with it SA Health wouldn't be in this mess.

    1. dan1980

      Re: Someone should write SA Health an interoperability paper

      Then well done for your work, in vain though it was.

      Reports and studies and papers and analyses are used for two things in politics: to tell them something they already want to hear or to be seen to be doing something without actually having to, you know, do anything.

      Perhaps this is why so many gov IT projects fail - this process has alienated anyone who might otherwise want to get involved as they know their work won't be appreciated and that technical considerations will give way to political concerns.

  3. asiaseen

    Not to worry

    SA is running out of electricity anway so it won't matter that nothing works.

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