back to article ebook price-fixing saga: Apple rids self of court-appointed watchdog

The watchdog assigned to keep close tabs on Apple after it inflated ebook prices has been told to go home by a US court. In 2013, Apple was found to have conspired with publishers to fix the prices of digital books. The Cupertino goliath was ordered by a court to allow an independent monitor into its hallowed halls and inspect …

  1. PleebSmash

    Time to invent a new ebook format with embedded popup 3D VR images. And $12 a book.

  2. Josh 14

    And in next weeks news...

    How long before Apple is found to be back to their old games?

    Any takers on next week? The week following?

    1. DougS Silver badge

      Re: And in next weeks news...

      One could only hope, otherwise Amazon is going have a monopoly in e-books. You don't think Amazon's long term plan is to keep the same pricing once they no longer have any competition? Amazon's investors certainly don't think so, or it wouldn't be so massively overvalued based on future profit growth that never seems to materialize.

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