back to article Where VSAN doesn't shine: Sources explain EMC's ScaleIO purpose

EMC introduced its scale-out ScaleIO Node virtual SAN a couple of weeks ago, with hybrid flash-disk and all-flash server chassises. It overlaps as a product with EMC-owned VMware's VSAN, and therefore EMC's EVO:RAIL implementation of that, and also competes with scale-out all-flash arrays. Discussions with sources have …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Da phuq?

    How about microsoft applications like sql server sitting in the middle of the stack? My sales guy keeps going to VSAN and our tech nerds keep going to ScaleIO. I am keep going to loo to cry about all the confusion.

    1. bdj

      Re: Da phuq?

      ScaleIO works across multi-platforms; with most mainstream OS capable of hosting volumes from a ScaleIO cluster, or contributing storage to ScaleIO clusters or both if you so desired.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    For me down here in little old NZ the fact that ScaleIO starts at 3 nodes and VSAN needs 4 is compelling.

    It means that customers on VMware's Essentials+ bundle cannot use VSAN without a SIGNIFICANT software investment, where ScaleIO in that space is approx 50% of the price.

    1. Cloud 9

      Well firstly you can run VSAN on 3 nodes. Secondly, they'll have a two node version out soon.

      Not my bag but I hate to see factual errors like this.

      1. Michael Duke

        3 Node VSAN clusters, while supported do not have any resilience for node maintenance. How are you going to patch your 3 node vSphere cluster running VSAN when you cannot put on into maintainence mode. Also 2 node will only support branch offices and needs an external (vCloud Air) failover manager, no thanks.

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