back to article Mobiles? What are they? Nokia immerses itself in virtual reality cameras

Always looking for a new angle, Nokia has launched itself into the movie equipment business with a 360-degree camera called OZO, capturing stereoscopic 3D video through eight synchronised global shutter sensors as well as spatial audio through eight integrated microphones. Without naming names, Nokia said: “The video can be …

  1. Lars Silver badge


    It's fairly obvious that a 150 year old company has made something else but cell phones in the past.

  2. Blane Bramble

    Does it come with a blast helmet and light sabre, or do you have to get them somewhere else?

    1. Simon Rockman

      That's just what I thought when I saw it

  3. Sprismoid

    At long last - 25 years after we set up Virtual Studios in London :) Talk about being too far ahead of your time.. Oh well!

    Great news though - this kind of "scene VR" will be huge.

    Anyone need an experienced VR developer?


  4. Tapeador

    Security applications

    would be a use I'd be prepared to pay Nokia for something like this than virtual reality stuff. I'm paranoid about my car now and then, and 360 degree recording when parked up would be ideal.

    1. TheOtherHobbes

      Re: Security applications

      The antigravity device to keep it hovering will be in the 2020 model, at a guess.

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