back to article Italy: Human rights are so old hat. The future's in internet rights

Access to the internet is a fundamental right of all persons. So says a new Italian Declaration of Internet Rights, which incorporates a 14-point manifesto drawn up by a parliamentary committee following a public consultation. Although not legally enforceable, many of the articles of the declaration (PDF) directly relate to …

  1. Neil Barnes Silver badge

    This would be so wonderful

    if only there were such a thing as a manifest right.

    All rights are illusory, temporary, and only applicable in as far as relevant local authorities choose to grant them. Even the much-lauded Human Rights, in its various incarnations, is useful only as a stick to beat authorities with when the authority has an appeal mode which allows it (and indeed is widely used to trump local legislation).

    Why this internet 'right' should be any different is hard to see. Better to say, perhaps, that it is an internet 'opportunity'?

  2. Joe Cooper

    Re: This would be so wonderful

    They gotta look like they're doing something. And what better way to pretend something serious is going down than a manifesto enumerating a set of oughts?

  3. Haefen

    yep just more of Europeans telling the world what rights everyone has but really doesn't.

  4. Haefen

    What no ownership rights of data?

    What? No ownership rights of data created by a person or about a person? If Italy enforced a persons natural right to data they create as Italy enforces the ownership of data created by companies I might think they were serious or on to something. Otherwise it looks like another case of politicians wasting time and avoiding real work or change.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's all very simple

    The only thing you are entitled to in this world is an opportunity to work and pay for goods and services. Nothing else is guaranteed or an entitlement.

  6. Graham Marsden
    Thumb Up

    You may mock...

    ... but at least someone is trying to do *something* to level the playing field.

    Maybe it won't work, however it might just get people thinking about what's happening out there.

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