Setting up a new Mac (Apple ID, iCloud, spyware, etc)

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  1. Dave559 Bronze badge
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    Setting up a new Mac (Apple ID, iCloud, spyware, etc)

    In common with many Reg readers, I have a large degree of cynicism and distrust of "cloud" services, especially where your private data may end up in untrustable locations (possibly that's just about anywhere online these days, even locations within the EEA), and I'd prefer to avoid or minimise the use of cloud services until I can further investigate the potential pros and cons.

    I have just bought a new Mac running OS X 10.10 (my first personal Mac, although I use Macs (among other OSes) at work), and need to set up the computer. Are there any potential issues regarding registering an Apple ID for the computer (I think I have to do so at some stage, in order to be able to download OS updates?).

    If possible, I definitely don't want to store anything in iCloud until I have found out more about it. Are there any steps I need to take during setup to make sure that my computer doesn't start trying to set up any form of data syncing?

    I am aware that OS X 10.10 is configured to upload Spotlight and Safari searches to Apple (which is a poor state of affairs, any such feature ought to require informed opt-in). Thanks to fix-macosx, I know how to disable these. Are there any other disrespectful nasties that I need to be aware of and also need to disable? I guess the days of "Think different" are sadly coming to an end..

    Thanks for any advice..

  2. Stuart Castle

    You don't need an apple id to download updates for the OS and certain apps (e.g. Safari, Preview, iTunes). You will need it to download updates for other apps and suites, such as the iWork suite.

  3. Anonymous C0ward

    Why didn't you buy a less overpriced machine and install Linux?

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