back to article BT hit by data centre fire: Some ISPs just love watching the net BURN

A fire on the fourth floor of Belfast's Telephone House tore through a BT data centre, burning the customers of affected ISPs, as well as those seeking to access several government websites. The major incident – which is not being treated as suspicious – was attended by several fire crews, backed up by six fire engines, an " …

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  2. David Roberts Silver badge

    No casualties reported, which is good.

  3. Mystic Megabyte Silver badge


    Maybe now those BT Belfast call-centre b*******s will stop calling me every fortnight. The usual conversation goes like this: (Due to my location I can only have line rental with BT)

    BT. We notice that you don't make calls with BT, which service do you use?

    Me: Feck off!

    BT. We also notice that you don't use BT internet, which ISP do you use?

    Me. Feck off!

    Actually I'm slightly exaggerating, this went on for months and eventually they did feck off.

  4. Martin Summers Silver badge

    Is there any equipment that isn't delicate and can resist ungraceful shutdowns? Isn't it about time there was if there isn't? I know you generally have UPS in place but surely kit should be able to recover better these days.

  5. Sgt_Oddball Silver badge

    It depends..

    Any good server raid array should have a battery backup and a ram cache for just such a reason.

    On the domestic level I can attest to SanDisks business ssd's write cache does a very similar thing onboard which had worked wonders everytime my 2 year old had managed to pull out the power cable from my desktop. (never underestimate the destructive powers of a toddler)

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Data centers (in my experience) don't allow customer supplied UPSes. If you want UPS power, it is available and it costs extra.

  7. Kevin Fairhurst

    Re: It depends..

    It's as though they have an inate instinct as to how to cause the most damage... case in point, I was WFH yesterday and my 2yr old wanted to see what I was up to. Next thing you know he's somehow managed to press the right key combination to get my laptop to shutdown, in about half a second. I couldn't do that if I was trying!

  8. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    So that their 5 9's screwed then.

    See title.

  9. An ominous cow heard

    an "aerial appliance" (a glorified cherry-picker)

    With the greatest respect, I think someone may be being more than a little bit mean there.

    Any geeks out there fancy a weekend article on what makes an "aerial appliance" different from a cherry picker? More importantly, any El Reg authors fancy writing one ?

  10. Eclectic Man

    Just the right time to amalgamate blue light IT services then

    I refer to yoru august article:

    'nuff said.

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