back to article Artificial intelligence, filesystems, containers ... Amazon showers cloud gold on devs

Amazon piled on the new cloud features at its AWS Summit event in San Francisco, including new services for file storage and machine learning and updates to features that debuted last year. Speaking at Thursday morning's keynote, AWS boss Andy Jassy described cloud computing as "the new normal" for businesses of all sizes and …

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This should be fun. NFS is a fine protocol for LAN use, but a little latency will cripple it.


Amazon Machine Learning

*"...Jassy explained that Amazon has been experimenting with machine learning since its very early days as an online bookseller, for things like recommendation engines..."*

Ah yes:

"Recommended for you: 90" screen television —because: you bought a 90" screen television yesterday, so obviously want to f**king buy another one today"*


"Recommended for you: One Direction box set (The Director's Cut with extra screaming) —because: you bought a pencil and someone else who bought a pencil also bought One Direction box set (The Director's Cut with extra screaming)"

I for one laugh in the face of our 'pretty rubbish at predicting what the meat-bags will do next', wannabe overlords.

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headline miss

You had a golden opportunity with the showers headline. I'm so disappointed.


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