back to article EU Commission looking for ways to DECLARE WAR on Google

Europe’s Competition Commissioner, Margrethe Vestager, looks like breaking with a five-year tradition of sucking up to Google by issuing the search giant with a Statement of Objections – the first step on a path to punitive measures. According to sources, the Google search dominance case is on the table for the meeting of all …

  1. naive

    Can they also look into dominance of governments ?.

    They nearly steal all my money, and it never changes.

    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      Re: Can they also look into dominance of governments ?.

      I've never seen the beggars nearly steal mine, they always succeed.

  2. Teiwaz Silver badge

    'systematically directing users to its own services'

    Yeah, Apple, Microsoft, Tasimo (plus many, many others. Anytime you buy a device that requires some kind of cartridge, disk or perfume bulb which only they sell).

    They all want you not buying from anybody else but them, not with quality, but by lockdown.

    There ain't no company out there that don't try to trick, lie to and gouge the consumer unless sent to the naughty step by some authority.

  3. sabroni Silver badge


    Governments, Apple, Microsoft, Tasimo. Anything to avoid focussing on Google.

    1. Teiwaz Silver badge

      Re: Whataboutery

      Since the article was about google, I didn't see the point in also mentioning them again (saying their name 3 times in a mirror or anywhere and they come and steal your data/soul).

      I certainly wasn't trying to focus attention away, and I resent the implication (is implication the right word, I've already had a drink, so I'm not sure).

      My point was most corporations engage in total or almost lock-ins or herding you by various nefarious means, from printer ink cartridges, (ever changing) air freshner bulb refills to coffee pods to I.T. services. None wish to engage on product quality across the board.

      Just trick them into the milking shed and milk them 'til they're dry.

    2. John Lilburne Silver badge

      Re: Whataboutery

      Aye whenever this comes up there emerge a number of people shouting SQUIRREL to distract us all.

      1. Teiwaz Silver badge

        Re: Whataboutery Squirrel!!!

        They're more likely to distract with an 'amusing cat' video.

        They'll not get ME like tha....

        Ooh funny fluffy kitten.... What was I saying again?

  4. moiety

    Bit risky for governments to declare war on Google...."when they have you by the bollocks, your heart and mind will follow" it is written.

    I could declare war on Google, because I don't make much use of their services. If Google disappeared tomorrow, I'd miss YouTube a bit, but it wouldn't take that long for Vimeo to step up.

    If you want some free advice from the prolitariat, governments, then do a careful audit of just how much of your IT infrastructure you're outsourcing before doing anything silly.

  5. Daggerchild Silver badge

    Bring in the experts!

    "I need to have a representative sample of views of those concerned. I have to be sure that we have all the facts up to date to get it right.”

    EU: "The Algorithm. Fair?"

    Google: "Fair!"

    Competitor 1: "Unfair!"

    Competitor 2: "Unfair!"


    Competitor N: "Unfair!"

    Independant: "What do you men by fair?"

    Everyone: "Ask me!"

    Public: $Paranoia ? "Unfair!" : "The what?"

    “act decisively on all concerns that have been identified and to find a long-term solution for a balanced, fair and open internet search structure.”

    Hark, is that the entire SEO industry slavering at the proposition of an openly defined ranking algorithm for *all* European search engines?

  6. hplasm Silver badge

    The future...

    Harrison Bergeron: (On Bing) "Google? What was that?"

    Bing: Here is a picture of a camel, two bars of Hail to the Chief and an article about ants. Thank you for u-u-u-using Mi-mi-mi-crosoft Bing. Please insert Two Hundred Eurodollars. Bzzt!"

    1. a pressbutton

      Re: The future...

      I googled for bing,

      All i got was a video of a man singing white christmas

  7. Mage Silver badge
    Big Brother


    What about Google's anti-privacy snooping?

    all their services and Google approved/supported/Playstore enabled Android is effectively spyware. They don't need illegal cookies any more.

    More spyware:

    They need to see the big picture of how Google operates.

    1. Teiwaz Silver badge

      Re: Privacy?

      Ah yes, Chrome browser, the IE of tomorrow, today, and tomorrow....

      (1984 mode=on)

      "Imagine a wet fish slapping you in the face, forever" - Actually more Python, but has been my Chrome experience.

  8. Joe Greer

    Hmmm... Search engines and malware...

    The last several machines I have had to fix because of Malware from advertisements were from Yahoo News and Microsoft's MSN news. So I suggest the Government blast the seach engines $10 million per virus infestation that happens because of allowing shoddy ADs from un-reputable companies(Scammers).

    You actually think that the MS Suface 3 does not use Bing! to track your every move... Come on now, are you a noob?

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The BBC never promotes Sky TV

    But has loads of promotions for its own programs.

    Just sayin'.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: The BBC never promotes Sky TV

      Luckily, shameless promotions of Sky are provided by The Sun and other Murdoch channels instead...

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I like it that the EU is getting past the cuddly, don't be evil image Google is good at projecting. You just have to look at the report by the FTC which shows how Google blackmailed numerous companies like Amazon and TripAdvisor by threatening to drop them from its search unless they did what Google wanted. Google has become fully vertically integrated and now dominates the smart phone operating systems with Android, dominates browsers with Chrome, dominates video with Youtube, dominates web search and dominates email with Gmail. The last piece of the puzzle is Google becoming an ISP with Google Fiber. In the US where ever Google Fiber becomes available it is hugely popular and Google can afford to undercut the competition because Google Fiber users are likely to use Googles services. Hopefully Google facing antitrust actions in the EU will do something for competition and give competing services a look in. Doing nothing and allowing the internet to become Google only should not happen.

    1. hplasm Silver badge

      To effectively 'compete' -

      in search

      with Google, all the rest need is a simple slogan:

      "Don't be shit."

      1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

        Yeah, that and a few dozen billions in datacenters.

  11. Alan Denman

    But can they untangle tha big plate of spaghetti.........

    from the Apple and Cortana sauce ?

  12. Ian 45

    BNP Paribas

    The US declared economic war on Europe with a 9bn fine on BNP Paribas and fines on other banks. The EU is simply firing back.

  13. joekhul

    El Reg Sheeple at it again

    Never seen so many sheep clamoring to be at the teet of the government in all my life.

  14. Howard Hanek Bronze badge
    Paris Hilton


    More like the farmer's pigs looking for truffles. I think the never ending quest for revenue and the deepest pockets around motivates the chest pounding, self righteous EU

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Microsoft have been busy

    I wonder what they paid for this investigation...

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