back to article More suppliers join flagging GOV.UK Verify ID assurance scheme

In an attempt to inject some life into its ailing GOV.UK Verify identity assurance scheme, the government has today broadened the range of suppliers on the programme's framework. The scheme is intended to act as an identity assurance "marketplace", allowing users to choose from a range of identity providers to authenticate …

  1. Richard Jones 1

    Is there a Point I am Missing?

    Wheels, the bus would like to meet up with you, or is this scheme not aimed at normal punters? As far as I can see the Government Gateway is the only body I am registered on. Does this give me a free pass not to use the digital services?

  2. Spearchucker Jones

    The Government Gateway is good tech

    And I don't see why the likes of Experian or a bank or any other commercial body needs to see that I'm logging in to claim a benefit, or to check into an STD clinic or do a tax return. They're not a justifiable party. GDS also don't provide a privacy-enhancing technology that hides or masks identity providers from resource providers, and vice versa.

    I'm so not signing up for that bollocks.

    1. Velv Silver badge

      Re: The Government Gateway is good tech

      Not trying to defend it as I think it was doomed from the start, but I think you've missed what the scheme is about.

      The Government has essentially outsourced the validation of your documents when you apply for a Government ID.

      The third parties provide the initial matching of who you claim to be to your passport, driving licence, bank account, voters roll, etc and allow you to create a government verified ID. That ID is then used to access the Government services by authentication within the Government services, not back through the verifying party. So Experian et al only see your first ever logon.

      The theory is that Experian, Banks, etc have already physically checked who you are, so why should the government set up another office doing exactly the same thing - just rely on those other organisations. Having previously spent several weeks working with Experian to tie together my credit report (and I've only lived in two properties in the last 20 years) my confidence that any of the third parties will help reduce fraud is somewhere between slim and fuck all.

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