back to article Lenovo still ‘not satisfied’ despite MEGA PROFIT rise

PC giant Lenovo continued its (slow) march toward world domination in the second quarter, as profits climbed a very healthy 19 per cent to $262m and revenue rose seven per cent to $10.5bn, compared with the same period last year. The Chinese computer tech company shipped a record amount of kit for the three months to September …

33,500 employees, not 3,500, still amazing productivity.


jobs jobs jobs

So nearly all the money gets spent on them 35,000 employees rather than shareholder oligarchs ?

How is should be.


I'm really liking the Yoga and X1 Carbon laptops my co-workers have. They love them, too. Seems to be a case of "make good products and watch them sell well". And the price points for decent desktops is getting us into all kinds of price-sensitive places where we weren't competitive before.

I got stuck with an HP Elitebook just as we started the Lenovo partnership :( Bad keyboard, even worse screen, thicker, heavier, way too much flex in the chassis, and flaky USB connectivity. No X1, this.


Thinkpads still quality kit

On my third Thinkpad since Lenovo bought them from Big Blue and I have to say that it is still good quality kit for business travel. I was worried that they would drop this line (or lose the business focus), but so far it is fine. They have just changed their docking connector so I needed a new station with the last one, but as long as they don't do this again for another couple of model upgrades I can't really complain.



Bad keyboard, flexy chassis? What Elitebook would that be?

I've had every generation of Elitebook, across all sizes from 11.5" (2170p) to 15.6" (8460p) and while I"ll agree with any and all criticism of the screens, I have always found the keyboards and rigidity to be faultless.


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