back to article Danish court finds Pirate Bay cofounder guilty of hacking CSC servers

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, cofounder of the Pirate Bay, has been found guilty of hacking charges by a court in Denmark, which ruled that he and a 21-year-old accomplice had hacked US technology company CSC to gain access to Danish government servers. "We welcome the decision of the court, and the trial clearly demonstrated the …

That's all well and good...

The much more interesting development will be what company will be replacing CSC.

I mean surely trust in their abilities is at an all time low, seeing as the hackers had access for 4+ months!

Anonymous Coward

Re: That's all well and good...

Good luck finding a company that also hasn't been hacked in the same way. You'll have to look far beyond Earth to find one.

I know of a government that had a beach for over two years. I know of companies that had breaches for even longer.

Information security is all too often considered an expense and in business, expenses are avoided. The only time the attitude changes is after a company has to clean up the mess of a major breach.

But, courtesy of this convict, his peers and nation states doing the same thing, I have a nice, well paying job.

As for the "not so bad" attitude at the end of the article, it costs a lot to clean up after a breach. One has to ascertain *what* was breached, ensure nothing else was breached, clean up the conditions that caused the breach and ascertain if data was exfiltrated, how much and where it went to.

If a concern claimed to be unbreachable, they're new and will eventually be breached.

If a concern claims to not be able to stop a breach, but can detect it as it is going on and slow the adversary down long enough to contain the breach, take a closer look. That is a realistic claim.

For, the only truly unbreachable system is the one disconnected, encased in concrete and dropped into an abyssal trench.

And that will remain unbreached until someone scoops it from that trench and chips off the concrete.

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Re: That's all well and good...

For, the only truly unbreachable system is the one disconnected, encased in concrete and dropped into an abyssal trench.

That doesn't have the nice simple ring to it that "air-gapped" does. Perhaps we could work this as and acronym...

Disconnected, Encased in Concrete, And iN Trench = DECANT

Perhaps not. As the AC implied, it might end up indicating the information has already been poured out rather than protected somehow by this action.

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She also called for him to be barred from Danish soil.

ROFL. Good luck with that, Sweden's in the EU so he's entitled to live out his days in Denmark if he so chooses. Sort of gives the game away that the prosecution are playing politics with both the trial and the sentencing.

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The new Black?

"Security expert Jacob Applebaum pointed out that Danish authorities had found no forensic evidence and all of the evidence had been provided by CSC."

Yeah well, they're all the same aren't they, even if they didn't do it they're bound to some time.

It's a hacker, they are all guilty. Worse than murderers the lot of 'em.

If I had my way . . . (dissolves in to standard blathering abut pedo's)


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