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Youtube Video There are lots of devices which allow you to turn your mobile phone into a 21st century Viewmaster, but the Poppy is special. While the Google Cardboard, Durovis Dive and VRase all let you experience side-by-side video in 3D, only the Poppy will also let you record it. Available from Firebox, it’s a device where …

  1. Haku

    "Name the 10 phones and your entry goes into the draw for the Poppy."

    Ok, I choose:

    1. Bob

    2. Sarah

    3. Steven

    4. Sonny

    5. Michael

    6. John

    7. Matilda

    8. Adrian

    9. Optimus Prime

    10. Bob (nobody said I had to pick different names for the phones)

    1. gotes

      Re: "Name the 10 phones and your entry goes into the draw for the Poppy."

      I think if you'd named one "Poppy" you would have had a chance.

  2. Zot

    Google cardboard?

    Surely it's the same thing, without having to swing the front around so the phone slot is facing downwards.

    £7.99 from :-

  3. Chris G Silver badge


    That has to rank as one of the all time most syrupy PR videos this century, too many idiotically smiling people and that type of music that a local council would use to tell you why it's a good thing they are going to drown all of your puppies and pets in sacks, very shopping channel in style.

    I think I would prefer one of those BlueTooth looking hearing aid things that you can hear a butterfly fart with from two gardens away.

    Anyway I always thought those Viewmaster things were stupid, I used to be given them as Christmas and birthday presents with pictures of Cathedrals and types of tree etc.

    I may not enter this competition.

  4. Neil Barnes Silver badge

    Victorian pioneers never dreamed of <was> colour... or moving images

    The first colour pictures (as opposed to those coloured post facto) were available at least as early as the 1860s (photography is generally considered to have begun in the 1840s). Moving images were available before the end of the century; in the 1890s. Stereoscopic images were available from the 1840s and common by the 1890s; the first porn photos were also 1840s.

    Quite advanced, those Victorians...

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ITV does these competitions so much better

    What is a name for a portable device that lets you make and receive telephone calls?

    A: Mobile Phone

    B: Mobile Library

    C: Exxon Mobil

    Calls cost £1.50 a minute from landlines etc

    1. Mr_Pitiful

      Re: ITV does these competitions so much better

      My best guess at the answer is....

      A: Mobile Phone

      Now where is my free family holiday to Florida with £1000 spending money?

  6. NormansLament

    guys at least dont name

    the image files with the make and model numbers

    it makes it too easy.

  7. majorursa

    Iphads only

    Market too small with only Apple, will fail.

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