back to article Dragon's Outsourcery biz bags another £1m of cash to burn

Loss-making cloudy UC services biz Outsourcery is set to pocket £1m worth of investment from a VC just months after it raised cash and cut costs to prevent liquidity drying up, following a forecasted sales slip. The Manchester-based biz run by Dragon’s Den ‘celebrity’ Piers Linney — who, along with his co-founder, has agreed …

  1. APJ

    Why the coverage?

    Is the coverage here and elsewhere of this relatively small-beer outfit entirely down to Pier's fame? I don't imagine that there are many other little IT players turning over a paltry 3.5m that would generate the column inches Outsourcery do.

    1. Smoking Gun

      Re: Why the coverage?

      I think it has more to do with those wanting to see him fail.

      I foresee OUT missing all their forecasts and being acquired or going out of business within 6 months.

      <coming from a pleb who bought at £1.20 per share>

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