back to article Beardie Branson backs Blockchain's Bitcoin bandwagon

British business beardie Richard Branson has invested in Blockchain. Not the Bitcoin ledger, but a custom Bitcoin wallet that functions through an iOS app. The blockchain, in Bitcoin terms, is the master ledger of all Bitcoin transactions. For all the brouhaha about Bitcoin being anonymous, the blockchain is downloaded – and …

  1. FartingHippo

    Beardie Branson backs Blockchain's Bitcoin bandwagon

    Absolutely awesome and amazing alliteration, as always.

  2. Jonathan 29


    He invests in lots of businesses that provide alternatives to traditional bank services such as TransferWise. Given he owns a bank as well I guess you would call that effective hedging or indecisive gambling.

  3. boltar Silver badge

    I wonder...

    ... if when all the bitcoins are "created" in however many decades that will be, whether the value will collapse because its now almost useless as a currency, or , whether it will acrue in value because it will be seen as a rare resource like gold.

    Of course that all depends on something even more cryptic and sophisticated that catches the eye of millenials, paranoids and criminals not coming along in the meantime.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I wonder...

      Can't tell if trolling or... :)

  4. kain preacher Silver badge

    I was shocked when my when I found out that I can now pay my dish bill in bit coins. Looks like this is not a fad after all. I expect governments to try and shut it down soon.

    1. DougS Silver badge

      Why does paying your bill for Dish in bitcoins mean it isn't a fad? All it means is that Dish is capitalizing on the fad. They use services that immediately convert the bitcoins to cash, so they aren't keeping and re-spending the bitcoins. If major US companies were doing that, then you might have cause to think it wasn't a fad.

  5. John Stirling

    Dish, a fad?

    I always use Dish as the benchmark. When they first introduced PoS electronic payments I knew my Barclaycard was here to stay. Likewise when they started using the internet, that's when I gave in and got tubes connected to my house.

    When Dish has flying cars I'll know the future has arrived. Until then it's a fad.

  6. Neal Palmquist

    Zero divided zero times does not equal one

    If you have an infinitely divisible bitcoin and if I have an infinitely divisible bitcoin, then at least one of us got screwed. There never was any HONEST reason to create more than one bitcoin. If you guys ever did your math homework then you would know that you cannot define something as having the infinitely divisible property of mathematics and then also make it go anywhere by multiplying it 21 million times.

    More Kool Aid, anyone?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Zero divided zero times does not equal one

      ...and your point is...?

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