back to article Analytics pusher Interana: Why tweak your seeks when you can scan your DRAM?

Startup Interana has an analytics tool that processes data in scans rather than seeks, claiming it’s designed to be great at analysing time-based streams of event data. The software is a proprietary database that organises data by time and user to allow for single-pass queries with no intermediate sorts. It runs on clustered …

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Brings back memories

I remember writing a file system optimiser years'n'years ago that shuffled files around on a disk so files in a directory were in the disk sectors surrounding the directory they were in to minimise seek from directory entry to file contents. It was noticable what a difference it made. Instead of brrr brrr brrr brrr chug brrrrrrrrrr chug chug brrrrrrrrr chug chug it was br chug br chug chug b' chug chug.


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