back to article What do teenagers love doing? That's right: Staying up all night ... debugging

Sauce vat GitHub has bundled together a set of free and low-cost programming tools and resources for teenagers. The website said its Student Developer Pack is for aspiring developers aged 13 and up. "There's no substitute for hands-on experience, but for most students, real world tools can be cost prohibitive," GitHub said in …

  1. Stretch

    Github is absolutely the worst thing to happen to humanity in its entire history by a fair margin.

  2. Spaceman9

    development costs

    "real world tools can be cost prohibitive", um since when? Most tools I know of are free or have a cut down free version.

    1. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

      Re: development costs

      Some of the things in the package do normally cost money and may not have sufficiently-close equivalents for some projects. Unreal Engine, for example - if a student really wanted to develop a game using that engine, this would save the $19/year. Not a big deal, and there are other, free, open-source game engines, and clearly it's for a pretty specific purpose; but it's something. And the Namecheap bundle is a free domain and SSL certificate - again a small value ($18.99) but a teenager might try it out just because it's free.

      I suspect the real value here is that the psychological attraction of getting some free stuff (that normally people have to pay for, as opposed to stuff that's free for everyone) might lure some students into checking the package out. It's your basic loss leader.

      That said, I can't see a lot of teenagers getting wildly excited about, say, Travis CI. "Dude, check out my sweet continuous integration!" "Sick, man, that makes my free Jenkins system look like crap."

  3. no-one in particular

    Web developers required at GitHub

    Not knowing anything about most of the tools mentioned, I went to the GitHub page to see what they are all about - oh dear, none of the logos or descriptions are hyperlinked. Sure, I can Google each one of them in turn...

    Always good to give the students an idea of what amazing web-opages they can achieve with all these tools.

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