back to article Another day, another virtualiser gives Docker a big sloppy kiss

Scarcely a day passes without one enterprise software outfit or another declaring that Docker's version of Linux containerisation is the mutt's nuts, and on Monday the Xen Project took its turn. Like anyone else capable of spelling “VM”, the folks at Xen appreciate containerisation's speed, light weight, density and overall …

  1. SarahKConway

    Xen User Summit Sept. 15 in NYC

    This will be a key topic at the September 15 Xen Project User Summit at the Lighthouse Executive Conference Center in New York City. To learn more about enabling Docker in Xen environments, register today and use code XenUser50off:

    1. grantmasterflash

      Re: Xen User Summit Sept. 15 in NYC

      And stick around to hear that guy one guy talk about massively deployed Xen base security appliances! ;-)

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