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The fondleslab games market is set to grow to a comparatively mammoth $13.3bn by the end of the decade, new research from Juniper has predicted. This represents a threefold rise from its current value of $3.6bn. According to a research paper issued by the bods at Juniper, the growth will be driven by ever-increasing storage …

Please please please

can we have some decent RPGs of Fallout/skyrim level of quality

Anonymous Coward

Re: Please please please


just 90's style point and click adventures with better graphics ! and half gig installs...

Anonymous Coward

Pet hate = in-game payments

The rise of the "Freemium" games just destroys my hope in humanity when people will spend upwards of £50 on "gems" etc. and some games are very, very hard to play.

I dont actually mind paying for decent software, or perhaps getting the first level or two free then paying. The constant drain on funds is annoying and even extends into software for children which as far as I am concerned is as immoral as the old practise of putting sweets at the supermarket checkout.

Call me grumpy but I dont like this business model much....Micropayments, social etc when all you want is half an hour of fun without logging in, chatting with friends you have never met but happen to play the same game, and restoring peace with children that dont have their own bottomless credit card.


Re: Pet hate = in-game payments

Sadly that's because it is infinitely easier to make money with this model versus the ad-supported or the prepaid.

Thankfully, the EU (see what happens if you get on with the adults Mr. Farage?) is now demanding that apps featuring in app purchases cannot be listed under the "free" category as they are not free.

Thing is that the signal to noise ratio or, if you prefer, the ratio of good games to hurriedly botched knockoffs is unsustainable. There's too much garbage and while in the physical world availability would cease for unloved titles; in the age of the app store those zombies will live forever.

Minecraft has proven the viability of the paid for model but seriously; how many minecrafts can be sustained out there?

My ideal, use paid for only and utilise the trial period to return whatever falls clearly below par. If only we could have trial versions of paid apps to try them out before buying.


The "Men in Suits"...

"greater funding would be required to optimise the opportunity to achieve consumer awareness"

In other words, the big players will move in and stomp all over the little guys again, just as happened back in the 80s/90s with home computers. And then everyone will be stuck with their latest version of the same old FPS with different graphics, "spaceships and aliens, no llamas please and nothing to weird", and pay-to-win gameplay mechanics.


Silver badge

Re: "no llamas"...

...for shame - especially with ElReg's perennial question about Sheep in Space, velocity thereof! But at least Jeff Minter is still producing the goods...


Touch-based games all suck.

I mean seriously, the input methods are uniformly awkward and clumsy. Why does anyone play this drivel?


An ipad with a Horipad (That hopefully should arrive in the next few days for me) should be totally fine. (There is enough paid games that support it that are worth having).

Touch is fine for certain things like Xcom or Ace Attorney.

Advertising is not acceptable. Same with pay to win.

(I would be quite happy to pay £30 for the iOS Tales of Phantasia supporting a controller but just the normal version).


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