back to article What the FLOCK? Addictive 'Flappy Bird' is back – and it's coming for your family

Infuriating yet stupidly popular crapp Flappy Bird has officially returned, it appears – and it's now a multi-player game called Flappy Birds Family. It's available for free for Amazon's set-top box, the Android-based Fire TV. According to its app store listing, the software was built by Dotgears Studio, aka Flappy Bird …

Silver badge

"Not as addictive as the last"

So I guess it isn't as fun, either. Oh well, hope Amazon paid him well for the exclusive!



At one point there were handsets on sale on ebay with the game for silly prices after the game was withdrawn. Whether any were sold or not I do not know.


The Mrs

I live with a flappy bird ...


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