back to article BlackBerry lands feature-light BBM on Windows Phone

The wait for BBM on Windows Phone is over. BlackBerry has brought its pioneering and much-imitated messaging app to Windows, following launches on Android and iOS last year, albeit with the "Beta" label. BBM for Windows looks a lot more like a native app than other BBM ports: it uses Windows Phone pivot views and includes …

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They wanted to get the basics in place before adding all the extra features - primary function I think was their priority when they decided to bring it to WP. The public beta is also a lot more stable than the closed beta (which I was lucky enough to test).

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Come on, el reg, try finding "developers" for WP ... Window cleaners galore, but developers ?

I guess they found one hiding under a rock in the Australian outback .... and that feature set is all he could deliver, makes sense to me. ;-)

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"Come on, el reg, try finding "developers" for WP ... Window cleaners galore, but developers ?"

WP apps are built on .Net type libraries and via Visual Studio so WP has by far the largest potential pool of programmers of any platform...


So what?

Even if Apps were developed in HTML, no sane developer would waste time in targeting 2.8% of the smartphone buying population.

WindowsPhone is dead.


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