back to article Texan firm buys disaster recovery bods Neverfail

UK business continuity specialist Neverfail has been acquired by US-based Artisan Infrastructure in a quiet and unannounced deal. Ex-Neverfail MD Martin Mackay said: ”I am not at liberty to give details but we have indeed been acquired by Artisan. They liked our product set a lot and this is good news for customers, partners, …

Silver badge

I used to work there...good luck to all current employees... I hope it works out for you. I wonder if they still use Marvin and the milker. ..

Anonymous Coward

I worked there too for many years. It was always way to warm in summer, and way to cold in winter.

I hope this deal works out well for those that are still there. I have nothing but fond memories of the company and it's people.


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