back to article Telefonica inks deal with mobile ads platform: Find your customer? There's an API for that

Spanish telco Telefonica has looked to Brainstorm Mobile to supply it with a platform to roll out its global marketing strategy. The Brainstorm platform is also behind Weve, which is the UK consortium of mobile operators working in mobile marketing. By working directly with Brainstorm, Telefonica can use the service outside …

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My choice?

" and says users can be contacted through text, email or whichever medium the client chooses."

Not to be contacted at all.

When I want something I will look for it.

Having looked for an electric belt sander on Amazon I have lost count of the bloody emails advertising anything electric from Breast milk pumps (last time I looked I still had no breasts) to Zener diodes.


Re: My choice?

Same here, I do not have a phone that supports this 'helpful activity', though unlike those phones mine does what I need.

It amazes me that people are happy to be hacked for the money others can make from them but get so worried that the billing info might be held for a while.

Mail filters are wonderful if you can get them to do what you want, though a delete key is pretty darned good.

If only I could now delete the ruddy scammers with whom I have NO relationship who ring and text to push PPI, double glazing, Microsoft 'support', solar panels, etc.

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When will companies realise that charging people extortionate rates should be enough? That's Telifonica off my Xmas card list.


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