back to article QLogic exec chairman HK Desai dies aged 68

Storage firm QLogic has lost its guiding light. The company's chairman, HK Desai, died after suffering a "sudden cardiac arrest" on 10 June. CEO and president Prasad Rampalli, who became CEO just six months ago, said: "HK dedicated most of his working life to building QLogic into the company it is today. His positive spirit, …

Anonymous Coward

Cardio in the house?

Just out of genuine curiosity how could a cardiac arrest be not sudden?

The name seems to imply that the heart just stops beating.... not that it stutters and misfires for hours on end.


Re: Cardio in the house?

In almost all cases not involving drugs (or alcohol), insanity or extreme fear, the victims of fatal heart attacks have been having small heart attacks for a while (months or even years sometimes) before the fatal heart attack occurs.

That's the real bitch about high stress jobs and heart attacks, especially as you get older. Your body is constantly pegged out, for years and years and your Dr. Figures that in when you go in for check ups and since you're basically a constant heart attack, little signs of actual heart attacks get missed.

There's not a CEO or Board Chair on Earth who is 'healthy'. Regulatory disclosures relating to health usually say stuff like 'for a man of his age (CEO) is in as good a shape is possible considering his lifestyle and no outstanding health issues were discovered at his latest checkup'. Then they fall over dead.


Maybe it came without warning?

It can be like high blood pressure: no obvious symptoms until you have a massive stroke.


Re: Maybe it came without warning?

Cardiac arrest and stroke aren't the same. Sure, both can kill you, but they're very different things. Strokes deal specifically with blood flow to the brain and heart attacks deal with, well, the heart :) He actually looks post strokey in his portrait with the latch eye thing going on, but if he had already had a stroke then suddenly falling over dead wouldn't be 'sudden'.


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