back to article Rare HPC beauties unveiled: Quivering racks, Lustre clusters and the tiers of a Cray

The International Supercomputer Show in Leipzig, Germany, was full of fascinating things at the high-end grunt front of the computing business. Here's what attracted this roving hack's eye. Bull has started a world-wide reseller agreement with Seagate’s Xyratex ClusterStor business for supercomputer storage. The ClusterStor …

Don't knock water

Water is surprisingly useful stuff. For "science" reasons its rather good at taking heat away from from objects–try sleeping on a water-bed without a heater. There are other fluids that could be used, but very few would take away anyway near the heat that water can without seriously upgrading the flow rate.

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Re: Don't knock water

HP's new Apollo 8000 can run on water temps as high as 86 degrees F (@80kW/rack), which I thought was pretty crazy, maybe it is typical though.


The Mac Pro

somehow looks a bit like a mixture between a turbojet engine and a water kettle. And strangely this mixture is working out well. Strange but beautiful.

Perhaps it needs a warning tag to prevent people from filling in water, though.


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