back to article You WON'T spend as much on IT in 2014 as we thought - Gartner

Global spending on IT is not growing as much as anticipated, according to Gartner. Price pressure thanks to increased competition, a growing lack of product differentiation, and the availability of viable alternatives are all dampening spend for 2014. Worldwide IT spending this year will therefore grow by just 2.1 per cent …

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Also - working more with less extends to expensive computer tat that was only replaced last time because the service agreement expired.

Not to worry. Soon all the high level management will learn the new buzzword o' the month: "Flash" and the money will be hurled hand over fist into the hardware mill again and perfectly fit-for-purpose kit is replaced. Again.

Never mind. I heard this morning the Chinese are opening everyone's eyes to Africa as a growing economy that should be exploited-sorry-leveraged, so all the old tat can be repriced as new tat and sold again just like it was in Saudi Arabia back in the 90s when the paradigm shifted in the West to all-things-webby and certain large software vendors were left with warehouses full of unsellable three-tier "solutions".

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There is a sea change going on

Between virtualization on the server side and new mobile devices on the client side, the upheaval is going to be huge.



Isn't that the new target to sell yet more tat?

Why is it that with all this extra power we get every year we still get the same paradigm of more complex software? Years ago Microsoft came out with perfectly a acceptable (and -- dare I say it -- good) Office product. It did what 99.99% of people wanted. But it seems they still have to put more shite in there to get us to upgrade. The latest wheeze, I understand, is to get us to 'rent' the software.

Well I for one believe that once I've bought the hardware I fill it with free software -- Linux, Open Office, Firefox with AdBlock Plus -- and I have a superbly functioning machine that does exactly what I want with no need to empty my bank account. And the only other thing I need to do is pay for an Internet pipe from my ISP (no 'add on services,' thank you very much). Now we are getting to second and third generation smart phones I will expect to do the same on that platform too.

So if the world has finally woken up to the fact that you can do what you want at no (or very little) cost then that should be a good thing. Or is it just me that thinks these greedy multinationals are out to suck me dry?

Hey ho -- I don't care. Microsoft/Google et al -- fuck off!


Gartner forecast out by $40 billion

One of Gartner's more accurate predictions, I reckon.


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