back to article Alex Bouzari on his big data storage firm: First, we got rid of the VCs

DataDirect Networks is quite unusual for a storage firm. First, it operates at supercomputer and HPC levels and is neither VC-backed nor a public company, making its internal strategies a matter for its execs alone. In this respect, it’s not as predictable or understandable as either a VC-backed startup or a post-IPO business …

Good for them

I'd rather run my own ship and sail, or sink, because of my decisions and my response to the marketplace. I have a contact whose modest but clever start-up (he was Systems for other friends' new little company) was more or less flattened by the weight of VC demands, expectations, and lack of patience.

Anonymous Coward

Thank You

For the interesting article. It shows another way this cat can be skinned.

Btw, that's quite an impressive CV Mr. Bouzari has. Clearly he was a man on a mission to become rich in the technology business, while playing by his own rules. Good on him.


Good guys

This was mailed to me,

Chris------> I was at NASA Ames' N258 building (virtual wind tunnel) in 1997 when MegaDrive won the bake off against Clarrion and a couple of others. Not too bad- rebranded LSI Logic arrays- but had some bugs in the backplane that caused data corruption. Still, for the time, decent enough.

Decent guys all in all. DDN, which they became, also decent guys, albeit competitors when I was at Xyratex a couple of years ago.

(Name with held)


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