back to article IBM's SPSS buyout: FBI cuffs two on insider trading charges

Two stockbrokers have been arrested and charged with insider trading related to IBM’s £1.2bn acquisition of software firm SPSS in 2009, after three others pleaded guilty. Daryl Payton Jr and Benjamin Durant III have both claimed innocence in the face of charges of conspiracy and securities fraud after being arrested by the FBI …


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Quickest way in the world to get them to plea is make sure they almost certainly face gang banger pound you in the b u t t prison if they lose. Country club types pee their pants even thinking about the possibility of serving time with commoner minorities.


If the SEC were serious about ending these kinds of abuses

The first idiot charged would have been the still nameless lawyer who leaked the data to his roommate "but expected him to keep it confidential." Nail the SOB to the wall: felony jail time for him, civil damages to IMB, his law firm, and the stock owners he defrauded.

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