back to article Another RAT crawls out of the malware drain

Yet another banking trojan has appeared, using browser hooking to steal data from Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox users. Dyreza, or Dyre, is pitched the usual way, via a phishing e-mail (a lesson that's never learned well enough for the approach to fail), and the e-mail contains what purports to be a zipped document that …


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Some mitigation

Hitman Pro Alert has a free and pretty much totally transparent protection against browser exploits.

It covers Zeus and a whole load more and it is pretty much compatible with whatever other AV or AM security you have. It even works with Opera and Dragon! No reason not to have it as a layer in your armour.

For a more comprehensive security suite package, for less than a tenner on ebay, you can buy a license for 3 machines for a year, for WSA AntiVirus (2014) for PC and Mac:


Identity Protection protects you from identity theft and financial loss. It ensures that your sensitive data is protected, while safe-guarding you from keyloggers, screen-grabbers, phishing schemes, and other information-stealing techniques.



The Phishing Shield identifies and blocks fake websites that trick you into entering your personal information. As you browse, URLs are evaluated in real time for phishing risk. Analysis includes looking at page content, domain reputation and numerous other factors.


Webroot do other more expensive premium packages that also include an encrypted password manager (which is not included in this particular version, but they only cost a few quid more.)

This is pretty much the most lightweight and invisible, but powerful and flexible AV/AM you can get. It also covers rootkits. It is based on the old PrevX scanner which was very highly regarded too. The scans with this are BLAZING fast. This is one of the more popular security suites in the security community. It has an amazingly small footprint on system resources as well. EXTREMELY SMALL.

BE WARNED THOUGH - it has resource spiking issues in Win8, which they are trying to resolve, but for the moment I would avoid this like the plague if you use that OS, but XP or Win7, no problems at all!

Happy Loggies if you already knew about this, but not everyone does.

So for less than a tenner, you can protect your desktop, your laptop, and your wife's laptop (or whatever) for a year. Just don't forget to download and install that Hitman Pro Alert as well.

Fast, cheap, transparent, lightweight protection.

You may want to consider an Anti-Keylogger as well if you are pushing the boat out. Zemana is de rigeur this season, with many using the paid for version, but there is a free one too and a trial:

That also comes highly regarded by many in the know. But maybe you already knew that. You know.

I'm not sure how much you would need the Zemana tool as well, as the Webroot AV Suite has an Anti-Keylogger built in. So it might be over kill, but if you already use other AV, it is always good to have something like this as an extra layer of defense, if you don't have one already. Something to consider. I was surprised by how many security nuts have one of these on top of everything else. They obviously feel it is worth paying for. I trust in the one that comes with WSA-AV-2014, but not everybody uses that particular software obviously.

With those three tools at your disposal, you would have a very high level of security in regard to banking online.

Disclaimer: I don't work for or have family or friends at those companies.

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