back to article VMware kills control freak protector, says 'big plans' for HA afoot

VMware has announced it will stop selling vCenter Heartbeat, a product that offers added management and high availability features for its vSphere cloudy control freak. News that the product reached “end of availability” earlier in the week was unexpected but doesn't leave a worrying gap in VMware's offerings. That's because …


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Recent releases have focussed ... “monster VMs”

This is my main issue with VMWare these days... going for the big fish and paying little attention to its SME customers.

I wish VMWare would concentrate on making cost of their tools more affordable for SME's, I have 2 vSphere Essential Plus licences, but we have now outgrown these. To upgrade to the full VMWare suite is going to cost us in the region of £10-12k.

I love VMWare, it has given us a rock solid virtualisation platform, but from a cost perspective Hyper-V is currently looking extremely enticing, and the functionality gap is fairly narrow these days (for an SME's requirements anyway).

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Re: Recent releases have focussed ... “monster VMs”

Amen to that brother! Last year's VMworld was so focused on service providers and mega infrastructure it made me question whether I wanted to attend again this year. I wrote the check and I'm going, but if it's a repeat of last year - with very little for SMBs - then it will be my last.

I get that VMware, MS, Amazon, etc. believe us small guys should just move all our stuff to the cloud ASAP, but some of us have regulatory issues and/or major heartburn over giving up control of our data so we aren't going there any time soon. Don't forget about us VMware!

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