back to article 'Member when we were running out of cash? Whew... thank goodness that's over – FalconStor

FalconStor is moving on from its near-death experience last year, when, according to CEO Gary Quinn, it had just six months of cash left. The new chief now plans to build on its recovery by returning the firm to its roots with a unified software product. He also spoke of the firm taking on EMC's VPlex and IBM's SVC with its …


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Anonymous Coward

It will be interesting to see if the 280 or so employees who are left after the last 30% reduction will be able to keep up the sales figures that the 400 people created.

I guess resellers will fill the gap, but that depends on price and the successful delivery of promised features.


Six Months?

They were in a panic because they only had six months of cash? Good lord, it would be just horrible to work in a place run by such panicky sorts. It would be like working as a psychotherapy foreign language translator who specializes in dealing with white, middle class soccer moms. Just surrounded by panic all day. What will these people do when things actually get tough?

Christ. I hope nobody got prescribed drugs because they were driven mad from working inside this faulty air-raid siren.

On the upside, it's probably just great fun to play jokes on them. Have your driver pick them up at the airport and plop them down in the woods or just wordlessly hand them a parachute when they get on a plane. Ha! Even better, give everybody but one of them a parachute and see how they respond.

On second thought, that's probably too much fun for that sort to handle. It wouldn't be fun anymore if one of them, or more, died from panic. Maybe just hide their cellphones or have every call on the office phone system redirect to the suicide prevention hotline. They're going to panic again so maybe the redirect is for the best.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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