back to article Has a strange flash-array beastie emerged in Gartner's Magic Quadrant?

There is dissent in the flash array vendor ranks over Gartner gurus' magic quadrant. The all-flash array ranking quadragon has reared its head and breathed fire from its nostrils all over us puny Reg hacks. Thanks to a tipoff, we can now update our earlier list to add another vendor: Cisco Invicta EMC XtremIO HP 3PAR <——— …


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Casting Bones

God how I hate the 'Magic Quadrant'. Everything it is supposed to be valuable for are things you ought to have competency in, no matter what field you're in. Selecting vendors, products and partners are some of the most important decisions a company ever makes and you'd best be able to do that internally. Otherwise it's like marrying someone based on the score computed by an online dating service.

It would be so much more fun if Gartner dug themselves a big hole in the ground and required those seeking information from the oracles to pay a tithe and navigate through a labyrinth filled with deadly traps and hallucenigic drugs. They could always find some old Brazilian crone and have her cast bones inscribed with the names of vendors and products; kind of a Macumba for tech.

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