back to article Oracle buys desktop software virtualiser GreenBytes

Oracle is buying desktop software virtualiser GreenBytes, which uses ZFS technology, for an undisclosed sum. GreenBytes VDI software is based on ZFS and includes its own, highly rated deduplication engine and replication. It can run on flash hardware and, originally, GreenBytes sold a VDI flash appliance but got out if …


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  1. razorfishsl

    Yep… except they stopped development on the osx version nearly a YEAR ago.

    Kept saying there was going to be an update soon…..

    won't even work in 10.9. last update Sept 2012

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Oracle are desperately trying to remain relevant. They are another IBM - a dated dinosaur. I cant see why anyone would use anything by Oracle in a greenfield site these days...

  2. greg schulz


    The article speculates around acquisition price perhaps being a 3x multiple, that could possibly be the case of a multiple were applicable. What if no multiple were applicable and the investors were simply looking to break even & cut there losses or even less if in a fire / liquidation close out sale? Of course if the acquisition were based on the market hype the multiple might apply, otoh if there were nothing of significant value, it could have been an unadvertised bargain shoppers special.

  3. nanchatte


    Ahh zevo, you abandoned us. I was happily using Zfs on OS X 10.8 and had been for a couple of years when development suddenly ground to a halt. There was no communication for months until the tersely worded 'sayonara' at the end of 2012.

    Once bitten and all that.

  4. drunkmaggot

    Get ready to jump ship

    Once the employees get signed over to Oracle T&C's, they'll be jumping ship quick smart. Awful company to work for.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Get ready to jump ship

      I'm not quite sure there are any employees left at Greenbytes...

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