back to article Portable toilet mistaken for killer Nork drone

In March and April, something resembling an unmanned aircraft appeared over South Korean airspace and came to grief on terra firma. Whatever the unidentified flying object was, it was painted blue. North Korea denied all knowledge of the incidents. Fast-forward to last week when a chap taking in the sights of Cheonggye-Don, a …


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  1. Mitoo Bobsworth

    USA had Desert Storm..

    And now, from Kim Jong Un's new Military Head of Defence, General Port A Loo, we give you the latest offensive against South Korea - Operation ShitStorm.

    (Weak, I know, but it was worth it just for the look on your faeces faces.)

    1. Ole Juul Silver badge

      Re: USA had Desert Storm..

      Well, you get an upvote for "Operation ShitStorm".

      1. toxicdragon

        Re: USA had Desert Storm..

        I might be remmebering this one but didnt top gear have a few incidents with portable bogs?

        Could be the next series might be in korea.

  2. Evil Auditor Silver badge

    If it looks like a toilet and smells like a toilet it probably is a toilet. Then again, what do I know about Nork's drone tech

    1. Elmer Phud Silver badge

      Bog-standard tech

      "Then again, what do I know about Nork's drone tech"

      The have been experiencing issues with the prototypes.

      They've got the collection and storage of explosive gas sorted out but the designers still want to use the vent pipe as the rocket tube.

      Designers, not always being the sharpest of tools, forgot that in order to aim the device it would have to be upended to point the ballisticbog in the right direction.

      However, this new direction in explosives research only came about when a military observer overheard a quote from the Python movie Holy Grail and took the quote to be a challenge from the SORKS that hinted at a some sort of widespread distribution of anti-personnel gas.

      1. Pookietoo

        Re: a challenge from the SORKS

        That would be "a challenge from the SOUKS".

        1. Mitoo Bobsworth

          Re: a challenge from the SORKS

          S. Koreans - SKORES? Just putting it out there.

  3. AndrueC Silver badge

    So where's the rest of the toilet? And where did it come from? I mean I know it's 'portable' but you don't usually find them at 30,000 feet.

    1. Evil Auditor Silver badge

      Well, does an aeroplane count as portable toilet?

      1. Don Jefe

        I would say an airplane toilet qualified as portable. They're significantly smaller than the jobs at festivals and such. I've never seen a blue airplane toilet though. The mystery deepens.

      2. TitterYeNot

        "Well, does an aeroplane count as portable toilet?"

        Only if it's a Ryanair flight once they've started charging for using the loo...

        1. Evil Auditor Silver badge

          Ryanair still got toilets on their planes? I thought they long removed them to squeeze in another pile of passengers.

          1. Alister Silver badge

            If you follow the signs for the toilet on a RyanAir flight, you end up on the wing... Mind you, it's guaranteed to make you shit yourself...

    2. Peter Simpson 1

      I'll just leave this secret video of Nork weapon testing here, shall i?

  4. K Silver badge


    Oh... SH*T!

  5. Scott Broukell

    So it's true ..... !

    This marks the start of the Turd World War.

    <hat, coat, toilet paper - see yer>

  6. Shady

    So it was a UFO?

    Unidentified Floater Object?

  7. Mine's a pint


    Reconstruction - or it didn't happen!

  8. disgruntled yank Silver badge

    hitting the fan

    During the early development of the American M-1 tank, it was said that the fancy aiming assistance had locked onto the spinning exhaust fan of a lavatory, and that the main gun had permanently removed the fan, and I guess the room, as a threat. A lot of the bugs have been worked out of the M-1's electronics systems since then, but if you have to engage a lavatory, portable or not, it's probably a good weapon to use.

    Airline toilets do inflict ground damage now and then, generally with "blue ice"--leaked liquids that have frozen into a lump at altitude, and which come loose when the airplane descends into warmer air before landing. Years ago, a house near the Denver airport suffered a blue ice impact, which holed a roof and a table.

  9. Extra spicey vindaloo

    Could it be.

    Debris from a tornado thrown up into the jet stream?

  10. leaway2

    LOHAN. What have you been up to? LOO-HAN?

  11. Scroticus Canis Silver badge

    Probably just the result of a goodly fart after a kimchi festival ....

    .... but where did the rest of the porta-loo end up? Who needs nukes with cuisine like that?

  12. noominy.noom

    @Scott Broukell

    See icon ----------------------------->

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