back to article Reg hack scores coveted journalism prism

The Register's Asia-Pacific editor Simon Sharwood has taken home one of the striking polymer prisms on offer at the 12th Annual Optus Australian IT Journalism Awards. Sharwood won the "Best Technology Industry Journalist" category, awarded to "the journalist who has best covered the ICT Industries in Australia". Sharwood's …


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Jolly good show

Well do on both the nominations and award to the Vulture South team members.

Keep up the good work

Anonymous Coward

Congratulations, Simon

As one of those whom he interviewed for his "Fired at 50" story, I feel like I'm sharing in a tiny, tiny part of his prize. Having talked to him, he's a great guy and very knowledgeable in the industry down here.

Well done, Simon!

PS: I'm purely guessing that the contest would have been between him and Renai LeMay at the Delimiter, who I also greatly respect for his no-BS reporting.

Thumb Up

A big thumbs up

A big thumbs up to Simon, I always like your articles.

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