back to article Microsoft enlists Apache to help Windows devs build hybrid mobile apps

At its annual TechEd North America conference in Houston, Texas on Monday, Microsoft doubled down on its promise to help developers build cross-platform mobile apps by announcing preliminary support for creating HTML-based hybrid apps within Visual Studio. The preview tools have been given the lofty-sounding name "Multi-Device …


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Hi All Web Developers.

Not a troll coment. I thought the days of targeting web to mobile verses desktop had gone. I thought keep to the standards and a page will render in a way you can use ond a mobile, tablet or desktop. OK viewport I know, what am I mising in the view poart model view controller by tarketting html4 with jslib/jquery, or html5 with jslib/jquery.

Help me out.


As an ex-Phonegap/Cordova app developer

this ship has sailed. Microsoft are late to the party with this one, IMHO.

I'm now writing iOS and Android natively as Cordova doesn't let me get at all the nice features in a elegant manner.

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Thank goodness for Xamarin...

I'd rather maintain per-platform code bases rather than work in Javascript

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