back to article Turnbull says internet governance can ignore privacy

While the debate over Internet piracy rages in Australia, the nation's communications minister Malcolm Turnbull has headed overseas to endorse the unexceptional outcome of the NetMundial conference. Speaking at Chatham House, Turnbull praised the outcome of the NetMundial conference in Brazil, which has proposed a model for …


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Malcolm is out of the way as Tony Abbott's leadership crumbles

Smart more Tony.

Your first one yet.


Well Malcolm is a lawyer and Brandis is....

Malcolm loves long winded statements that can be perpetually reinterpreted as politics require.

As to George Brandis, well we are hoping that with the right therapy and some medication he can eventually be reintegrated into society and function at an adequate level with a medium level of adult supervision. We agree that the current prognosis is perhaps somewhat worrying. Intervention, such as him being hit over the head with a ballot box, may be required as an initial step in his recovery program.

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