back to article Virgin Mobile Oz steals Vodafone's shipment of fail

Optus' mobile virtual network brand Virgin Mobile has apologised to customers and is now offering rebates after a day-long network outage over the weekend. The company's network went into meltdown during Friday evening, May 3, affecting as many as a third of its one million customers, and the outage continued well into …


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Anonymous Coward

"Virgin posted an apology to its Facebook page..." but they didn't email their customers. After all, the fb adversphere is all that counts...

OK if Vodafone had a Vodafail, what happend to Virgin? A VirginDP'd? And Amaysim was Amayslayed?

These network operators are more screwed up than me: What are the odds it was their core billing or authentication systems not being secure, resilient or redundant.

It probably wasn't even the dodgy traffic management they use to prioritise some customer's traffic over another's.

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