back to article Snapchat updates fap-snap sharing app ... now with more Chat

Self-destructing photo sharing service Snapchat has added real-time messaging and video chat to the latest versions of its mobile apps, in a move seemingly designed to make it more competitive with the likes of BBM and WhatsApp. Snapchat began life as a way for smartphone users to send each other saucy selfies that …


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So how much can you say in ten seconds?

Hey baby I like your <NO CARRIER>

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23-year-old CEO, Evan Spiegel, has reportedly turned down acquisition offers worth as much as $4bn

I really hope, for his sake, he doesn't feel like a chump when he's 35.


So Long, Naughty pics ...

"It seems Snapchat – which never guaranteed that you could be sure your naughty pics were actually deleted – now operates on a policy of "deletion by default – you keep what you want, and we'll get rid of everything else!""

Maybe it's just my being an old 44 years old chap, but having spent the whole week in vacation with my 15 years old daughter, it never occurred to me she ever considered the service to *guarantee* your pics would be deleted.

She knows plain well the pics are gonna be binned *unless* you're screenshoting ...

Therefore, so long with the apparently long fantasied for "naughty pics".

Sorry El Reg :-)

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