back to article AuDA starts final round of DNSSEC tests

AuDA has taken a tentative step towards the introduction of DNSSEC into the Australian domain space, signing the .au domain in its production environment as the first step in a four-month test. DNSSEC has been possible for years, but has been held back by industry inertia. Under DNSSEC, a DNS (domain name system) record is …


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What is it?

An error made to a signed zone can cause a zone to appear offline or bogus to validating resolvers.

Had to look up how DNSSEC works (it's Friday and I shouldn't have to think!). Looks like AuDA is caught in a typical security dilemma: take a chance on shooting one's self in the foot in an effort to keep from being shot. I would not presume to comment on what goes on inside their organization, but to an outsider, they seem to be headed in the right direction. I did a quick internet search and found early adopters include Brazil, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Puerto Rico and Sweden - an interesting mix.

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