back to article Samsung claims it still plans to ship Tizen phones in Q2

Hope springs eternal for wannabe Android competitor Tizen, with Samsung saying it plans to ship the first smartphones based on the open source OS in the second quarter of 2014 – carriers' cold feet be damned. In an interview with Reuters, Samsung senior VP of product strategy Yoon Han-kil said the Korean firm plans to release …


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A regional release usually means less costly products

Many cell handset manufacturers make geographically limited cell handsets available at substantial discounts compared to world-releases.

The release of the Samsung 3 demonstrated just how effective it was at limiting 'gray' markets and holding the initial release price high.

The cellco's in the Far East are particularly adventurous and seem to promote handset products from multiple sources.

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Apparently these will be mid to high end phones? No one is ever going to buy a mid to high end phone these days that has almost no app for it.

Tizens seems a completely misguided disaster waiting to happen. Even with Microsofts clout, look how long it has taken for WP to gain a semi decent level of support from the main stream apps - years.

The other thing about Tizens is it seems to me to be putting Samsung in the same situation Nokia was in of just supporting too many platforms. Allowing some choice of Android of WP is maybe justified, but a 3rd platform with no significant USP is just pointless.

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Samsung are really good at writing software. I simply couldn't handle how good Samsung's software was on my Galaxy S3, so I uninstalled it and replaced it with CyanogenMod. I predict that any operating system written by Samsung is going to be absolutely brilliant, and I can't wait to fail to buy a handset that's running it so I can replace all my Android apps with Samsung-developed Tizen apps which are bound to be brilliant.


Re: Samsung

Kies - is so good l have dedicated a machine just for it's exclusive use (VMWare one) - Or was it I didn't wantto reinstall windows again?


Why is it such a big deal to make a specific tizen phone?

Tizen, Android, Ubuntu, Firefox, Sailfish etc are all Linux based, why is there an issue? They should all run the same drivers. (Or at lease very similar ones)

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