back to article Kaspersky's Security for Virtualization pushed to XenServer and HyperV

Kaspersky is extending its Security for Virtualuzation Light Agent security tool to the Citrix XenServer and Microsoft HyperV platforms. The company said that the Light Agent tool will launch on April 22 with XenServer and HyperV support as well as new options for VMware's vSphere hypervisor. The company will continue to …


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Pros and Cons

Designed to function as a virtual appliance, the tool is able to manage basic security protections such as antimalware and firewall policies... the appliance eliminates the need for a traditional client package to run on each VM.

This looks like a mixed bag. While it conserves resources and simplifies management, it presents a single point of failure. A basic tactic to be taken with AV products is to run different products on different machines (i.e. Symantec on workstations and McAfee on servers). Too, I wonder how well this product will play with other security apps. Unfortunately, I doubt I will get to play with this any time soon... it does look interesting.

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